Mandalas in the Wind | Tibetan Buddhist Art from the Collection of the National Museum - Náprstek Museum

Archdiocesan Museum Olomouc | Gallery
06 04 - 27 08 2023

Tibetan Buddhism has greatly influenced life in the whole area of cultural Tibet, which includes the centre of Tibetan civilisation, the areas of todays northern, central and south-eastern provinces of China and present-day Mongolia.  Tibetan art is intrinsically linked to the religion. In addition to the dominant Buddhism, other religions play a major role in this cultural area - notably Bön, which is based on nature cults and shamanism and whose origins can be traced back to a time before the advent of Buddhism. 

Traditionally, artistic creation has been seen in Buddhist terms as supporting the three aspects of Buddhahood: body, speech and mind. For centuries, art objects have served as vehicles for meditation, prayer and didactic purposes. They are characterized by rich iconography, deep symbolism and masterful craftsmanship of materials. 

Over the centuries, Tibetan art has evolved formally and specific regional styles have also emerged. Magnificent paintings and sculptures have traditionally been part of the interiors of monasteries and wealthy dwellings. Small paintings placed in scapulars or clay offerings were used for everyday folk religious practice. 

The exhibition will present a representative selection of Tibetan art from the collections of the Thimble Museums Lamaist Sub-Collection, which together comprises approximately 3,000 objects. Most of these are Buddhist sacred objects, namely ritual artifacts, musical instruments, offerings and sculptures of deities. About one-third of the sub-collection consists of paintings, with many exhibits of high artistic quality or thematic interest.

Gabriela Elbelová, curator

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