The Fire within

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Days of jewish culture Olomouc 2017  | Film Section III Community as a bondThe Fire within 

2008 | Lorry Salcedo Mitrani | 60 min. | Czech subtitles

Lorra Salcedo Mitranis documentary follows the story of the unique Iquitos Jewish community founded by Jewish immigrants from Morocco who came to Amazon rainforest with other adventurers at the end of the 19th century as a result of the so-called rubber fever. Some of them settled in the isolated town of Iguitos and founded families with indigenous women. Their original Jewish tradition blended with indigenous Amazonian customs and the new generation of messengers became the bearer of an entirely original and specific Jewish tradition. The Orthodox Jewish community in the remote capital of Lima, the Jews of Iquitos, rejects it as non-hallucid because it does not come from a Jewish mother. Many of these cholos, however, have chosen to return to a more normative tradition and have gone through the lengthy conversion process. Some have also decided to return to Israel, some of whom have remained in Iquitos to help the local community in growth and development.


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