Medals and Plaques

The most valuable part of a small collection of about 1,200 items are the medals from the second half of the 19th and the first decades of the 20th century, reflecting events in the Olomouc area (anniversaries, exhibitions) and selected die-casts and minted pieces representing European medal making. This is represented by Austrians such as Josef Christian Christelbauer, Carl Radnitzky, Italians such as Giuseppe Girometti, Antonio Zanetti, and Daniel Dupuis, a Frenchman. However, also of great import are medals and plaques by Czech modernist authors from 1900 to1930, among others Stanislav Sucharda, Otakar Spaniel and Josef Wagner. These are chronologically followed by post-war works in the spirit of socialist realism (represented by authors such as Jiří Harcuba, Lumír Šindelář and Adolf Havelka). Also represented in the collection are sculptors and medal makers working in Central Moravia, among others Julius Pelikán a Rudolf Doležal.

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Photo Gallery
Jiří Prádler (1929 Sezemice – 1993 Prague)

A medal with a portrait of sisters Jana, Rena and Eva, the 1960s

Carl Radnitzky (1808 Vienna – 1901 Vienna)

A medal commemorating the death of Betty Jeitteles, 1869


Joseph Christlbauer (1827 Cudrovice u Prachatic – 1897 Prachatice)

A medal for the meeting of three Emperors in Kroměříži, 1885

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