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Olomouc Museum of Art, besides the National Gallery Prague, National Technical Museum, City Museum of Brno and Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín, is another institution focusing among others on research and collecting of architecture items. In Olomouc Museum of Art, the sub-collection of architecture began to expand at the end of the 70s of last century. It became a part of exhibition a and publication programme of the Regional Gallery of Fine Arts, which was led by the director emeritus Pavel Zatloukal. In this kind of his activity, he as a relevant founder of the collection was later followed by curators Helena Ryšlinková Musilová, Jakub Potůček and Klára Jeništová.

Nowadays, the researched part of the collection counts approx. 19 000 items; most of them are plan documentation, furthermore there is a set of a hundred of original and new designed models of selected buildings. The collection offers a thorough documentation of architectonic production of Moravia and Silesia of the years 1850–1989; of course, with focus on Olomouc. Even other Moravian centres are documented very well, including the vast estate of architect working in the region of Moravia, for example Lubomír and Čestmír Šlapeta, Oskar and Elly Oehler Hubert Aust, Karl Fischer, Jacques Groag, from the younger generation for example Tomáš Černoušek. The collection includes an interesting set of drawings and plans for interwar architecture competitions.

During the four decades of acquisition activities, the collection got wider both territorially and chronologically. There are works of representatives of the modern and avant-garde art included (Jan Kotěra, Hubert Gessner, Jaromír Krejcar, Vít Obrtel, Josef Štěpánek, Bohuslav Fuchs), as well as authors from the post-war period (Karel Filsak, Alena Šrámková, Věra Machoninová, Otakar Binar – Michal Brix – Petr Vaďura – Václav Králíček (SIAL), Petr Žert, Václav Aulický – Jan Fišer, from Olomouc Václav Capoušek, Karel Typovský, Antonín Škamrada, Petr Brauner, Otto Schneider and others). A very valuable item of the collection of the Olomouc Central European Forum is the work of the Slovakian art group VAL (Alex Mlynárčik – Viera Mecková - Ľudovít Kupkovič). The current acquisitions aim towards the active contemporary Czech architects (Zdeněk Fránek, D.R.N.H., HŠH, Jan Šépka, Aulík-Fišer architects, Zdeněk Trefil).

Martina Mertová

We are here to respond your research (and other) questions: 

Martina Mertová
architecture sub-collection curator
phone: +420 585 514 212, +420 777 576 087

Marta Perůtková
administrator of the deposit and the sub-collection of paper works
phone: +420 585 514 273

Vladimír Pospíšil
administrator of the architecture models deposit
phone: +420 585 514 238

Photo Gallery
Jakub Cigler (*1962)

Competition Design for Old Town Townhall in Prague, 1988

Karel Filsak (1917–2000)

International Airport Prague-Ruzyně, 1959

Oskar Oehler (1904-1973) – Elly Oehlerová (1905–1953)

The Hall in the Villa of František Wawerka in Lipník nad Bečvou, 1937

Jan Kaplický (1937–2009)

The Kent House (A House in Kent), 2007

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