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Speculum Mundi 

Speculum Mundi Artistic treasures of the Royal Premonstratensian Canon at Strahov

27 November 2014 – April 2015
Archdiocesan Museum in Olomouc | Gallery

We present one of the most prominent religious collections in the Czech Republic which, despite damage during the war and ill fortune, has been preserved in remarkable qualityto the present day. The collecting history of the Premonstratensian Monastery at Strahov in Prague began shortly after its founding in 1143 by Prince Vladislav II. alongside the Olomouc bishop Jindřich Zdík. The heyday of collecting activities occurred mainly between the 17th and 19th centuries. The roots of the rich picture collection, for which the abbot Jerome Josef Zeidler built a famous picture gallery in the years 1835-1836, also extend deep into history. By an exclusive selection of works of various artistic types from the Middle Ages to the Modern Era, we not only introduce the history and importance of monastic collections, but also their breadth and diversity.

Photo Gallery

The Strahov Bible


Charles Raphael Ungar – Adolph Joseph Šrámek

Numophilacium Sioneum, 1773

Philipp Peter Roos called Rosa di Tivoli

Shepherd with a Dog, Billy Goat, Goat and Two Sheep, c. 1685

Jan Adolf Brandeis

The Strahov Abbot Jerome Josef Zeidler, 1864

Martin Simon Göpfert

Monstrance from Doksany, Cheb, 1739

Nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus)

taxidermic dissection, late 18th century,

Alén Karel Diviš

The Crucifixion, 1954

The Strahov Gospel Book Binding

Czech Lands, around 1500

Gaspare Diziani

Alexander the Great and Diogenes, the second quarter of the 18th century

Coin Cabinet

Central Europe, the 70 years of the 17th century

Scallop depicting St. Norbert

Bohemia, 1731

Johann Wilhelm Baur

Promotions dedication Jan Lysovský of Lysic with vista Olomouc, 1640

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