Spark among the Ashes. A Bar Micvah in Poland

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Days of jewish culture Olomouc 2017 | Film Section II Physical force of space

1986 | Oren Rudavsky | 56 min. | Czech subtitles

In the 1980s, when Poland separated the iron curtain from the rest of the world, she repeatedly called a spokesman for the Krakow Jewish community to Jewish tourists from the US: "Bring us a little life!" What was her surprise when she learned, at the end of the summer of 1986, the American family of Stroms is heading to Krakow to celebrate the Bar micva of her son Eric. It was the first Bar micva in Krakow after the Second World War. The already complicated event, which became a media-watched sensation in the US, was also burdened by the fact that the ceremony was to be led by Stamford reformed rabbi Emily Faust Korzenik. The Orthodox community in Brooklyn, for whom Poland represented the "holy ground", resolutely expressed its disagreement with this intention and sent Rabbi Elbaum to Krakow to prevent the ceremony. The ritual Bar micva eventually celebrated in the Krakow Liberal Synagogue in the presence of Rabbi Korzenik and Rabbi Elbaum. Oren Rudavsky portrays this significant journey from Stamford to Krakow, Poland. The Synagogue in its document becomes a place of conflict and at the same time the reconciliation of several directions within a single religion, but they all point to the one God.

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