Raise the Roof

MO | 23. 10. | 6.30 P.M. | THE MUSIC THEATER | FREE ENTRY
Days of jewish culture Olomouc 2017 | Film section I | Physical force of space

 Jari & Cary Wolinsky | 85 min. |Czech subtitles

The documentary follows Rick and Laura Browns efforts to reconstruct the original 18th-century wooden synagogue in the Polish city of Gwoźdźiec, which was burned by the Nazis during the Second World War. Although neither Rick nor Laura is a Jew or Poles, the spirit of the once magnificent synagogue is so enthusiastic that they decided to create new roofs within six weeks of roughly two hundred freshly defeated skeleton trees, rebuild it and prepare for transportation and installation in Gwoźdźce. Another challenge was the reconstruction of the original paintings, of which only black-and-white photographs and the only partially colored study are evidenced by their original form. Almost the dream vision of both artists inspired hundreds of other people to join the project and put their hand to work. Although the temple in Gwoźdźc belongs to one of the best documented Polish synagogues, Laura and Rick have encountered many unanswered questions during the reconstruction. The documentary seeks to capture the power of the spirit of this extraordinary place that has been able to move many volunteers to work for which the only reward was the only consciousness of well-done work.


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