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Publisher Rainer Pretzell

15 May – 14 September 2014 
Museum of Modern Art | Picture Gallery - Cabinet of Drawings and Graphics 

Presentation of the production of one of the most prominent publishers of artists´ books in the world. In 2006, we were granted 200 artists´ books as a gift from Rainer Pretzell, the founder and owner of the Rainer Verlag publishing house in Berlin. Owing to their inventive and experimental approach, cooperation with the publishing house was sought by artists who are still considered giants in the field of artists´ books: Dieter Roth, A. R. Penck, Emmet Williams, Marcel Broodthaers, Ann Noël, Endre Tót, Jan Voss andBen Vautier. The exhibition of artists´ books, drawings, and prints, granted by Rainer Pretzell, will present a part of our collection of artists´ books and books intended as works of art, whose extent and importance is unique not only in the Czech Republic.

Photo Gallery
Eta Bender

Lichte, Schatter, 1983, 215x154x8 mm

Eta Bender

Lichte, Schatter, 1983, 215x154x8 mm

Lourdes Castro

Les Ombres, 1978-1979, 433x321x12 mm

Damien Hirst

Making beautiful drawings, 1994, 213x147x7 mm

Damien Hirst

Making beautiful drawings, 1994, 213x147x7 mm

Nanne Meyer

Blättern der Gegenwart, 1993, 296x210x6 mm

Ann Noël

You, 1982, 300x217x37 mm

Karl-Dietrich Roth

Die die die die gesamte verdammte Kacke, 1975, 255x183x28 mm, 
Die die die die verdammte gesamte Kacke, 1975, 254x180x24 mm

A. R. Penck

Welt des Adlers, 1984, 285 x 218 x 54 mm

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