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Mysterious Distances | Symbolism in Czech Lands 1880–1914

Mysterious Distances | Symbolism in Czech Lands 1880–1914

6 November 2014 – 22 February 2015
Museum of Modern Art | Triple Nave

Bílek, Švabinský, Hlaváček, Mucha, Preisler, Zrzavý, Váchal – this is just a fragment of the major figures of Czech art whose work you can see at the exhibition which will, through an exceptionally large collection, present a specific part of the art scene influenced by symbolism. The date of the exhibition is notionally framed by the opening of the National Theatre and the beginning of World War I. Symbolism will be presented in chronologically arranged sections, from the initial phase of the 1970´s and 1980´s which is associated with the reassessment of the romantic vision of the world based on contemporary social events, to the outreach of symbolism in the works of early avant-garde representatives, particularly the works of expressionists and cubists. The exhibition will be presented by Arbor Vitae and the Museum of Art in Olomouc.

The project Mysterious distance are the same comprehensive, visually rich with publications in Czech and English version, published in cooperation with the publishing Arbor Vitae. Intimate version of Olomouc Exhibition organizers prepared under the title The rulers of dreams for the International Center of Culture in Krakow (May 6 to September 7, 2014).



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