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Jiří Kolář: Babyluna


Museum of Modern Art | Gallery
OCTOBER 1, 2020 - JANUARY 3, 2021

The first exhibition of a complete set of Jiří Kolářs textograms (1914-2002) entitled Babyluna is an important key to know Kolářs early work. Kolář, on fifty-five pages, represents a symbolic formation based on the interconnection of the technique of pictorial confrontation with authors epigrams. The art historian Tomáš Pospiszyl called Babyluna "Rosetts plate", because the ensemble is unique for its completeness and coherence, which is missing from other Kolářs works from this period. At the same time, the exhibition of the ensemble purchased by the Olomouc Museum of Art in 2017 will offer a deeper insight into the associative and metaphorical thinking of the author, connected with artistic creation on the border of poetry and fine art.

Babyluna is another series of exhibitions prepared within the SEFO and CEAD projects, which focus on post-war art and its creators in the Central European region. The author of the exhibition is Marie Klimešová, who has previously prepared successful retrospective exhibitions by Běla Kolářová and Zbyněk Sekala for the Olomouc Museum of Art.


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