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Intimate circle in contemporary Czech photography

Intimate circle in contemporary Czech photography

12 June – 5 October 2014
Museum of Modern Art | Triple Nave

Repetition of  the most representative exhibition of contemporary trends in Czech photography  since the year 2000. The exhibition of over forty artists of different generations, prepared by a renowned photographer and photo historian Vladimir Birgus, the opening night of which took place in 2013 in Prague City Gallery, presents a wide range of works with motifs of the "intimate circle": the artist´s self, family, closest people and objects. The exhibition documents how the theme became popular and topical in Czech photographic works after the year 2000. Using selected works from a broad genre spectrum of traditional documents and portraits, highly subjective works, and fusions of various styles and media, he shows the major changes in photography that occurred after the introduction of digital technologies, and its escape from its closed ghetto.

Photo Gallery
Dita Pepe

Self-portraits with Families, 2003-2011 

Dita Pepe

Self-portraits with Families, 2003-2011  

Jiří Hanke

Echoes Of a Generation, 2009  

Libuše Jarcovjáková

Mom - 974 days, 2010-2012  

Pavel Mára

Family: Triptychs, 1991-2011

Petra Malá Miller

The Voice Reached Us Through the Floor but the Words Themselves Were Lost, 2009-2010

Veronika Šrek Bromová

Stories from Planet Chaos, 2008-2012

Anna Gutová, Gabriel Fragner

I Love My Family, 2011


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