Paintings from Kroměříž casle receive special climatic frames

NEWS | 28. 12. 2015

Fifteen climaframes ensuring optimum humidity reach the end of February paintings from the Archbishops casle in Kroměříž. Frame value exceeds five million crowns. The paintings from the collections of the Olomouc Archdiocese cares Kroměříž Archdiocesan Museum.

"Climaframes extends the life of paintings, usually those on a wooden board, which most squeamish moisture," said restorer Radomír Surma.

In the frame of nine millimeters thick glass stable humidity can be set using special inserts. At ambient temperature, reacts spontaneously. Sophisticated equipment while a visitor from the front of oblivious.

"The anti-glare glass is designed for museums and galleries. Almost glazed. Reflexes are seen only partially against a window or strong light bulb. Average visitor will not even notice that the image behind safety glass, which is also an excellent mechanical protection against accidental contact or vandalism," said Surma. He added that glass protects against image degradation effects of UV rays, thereby greatly extending the period for another restoration surgery.

Fifteen selected works will get climaframe the end of February to be ready for the new season. Necessity will change their suspension, because the painting in climaframe can weigh up to 80 kilograms.

Project manager Olomouc Archdiocese Štěpán Sitek confirmed that the amount in excess of five million crown purchase climaframes supported by EEA Fund. "Money, therefore, come from Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein and we got it thanks to Recovery program of selected paintings and furniture Archbishop chateau in Kroměříž," said Sitek.

At this point, Radomír Surma put into new clmaframes five paintings. Extensive interview with the renowned restorer do not miss in the first issue of the magazine MUZEION. The new magazine Olomouc Museum of Art will be released on January 4.

Photo Gallery
Installing climaframes by Radomir Surma.

Frans Francken II, The Triumph of Amphitrite and Poseidon, after 1630
Photo: Kateřina Fajtlová

Installing climaframes by Radomir Surma.

Jörg Breu, Carrying the Cross, around 1506
Photo: Kateřina Fajtlová

Installing climaframes by Radomir Surma.

Hans Suess von Kulmbach, Portrait of a Young Man, 1505
Photo: Kateřina Fajtlová

Installing climaframes by Radomir Surma.

Photo: Kateřina Fajtlová

Installing climaframes by Radomir Surma.

Photo: Kateřina Fajtlová

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