Memento Tiziani

19/5 – 8/9/2016
Archdiocesan Museum in Kroměříž, Orlovna Gallery

The loan of Tizians painting Apollo and Marsyas  to an exhibition of Renaissance Art in the Metropolitan Museum in New York inspired an exhibition whose leitmotif will be paraphrases of the world-famous and unique Kroměříž collections.  Organizers from the Orlovna Gallery have already invited over a hundred renowned visual artists.  The National Gallery in Prague, The Museum of Moravian Slovakia, and a number of other institutions are also involved in the project.

Photo Gallery
Tiziano Vecellio detto Tizian

Apollo and Marsyas, after 1550

Daniel Balabán
Tomáš Císařovský
Aleš Hudeček
Boris Jirků
Vladimír Kokolia
Jaroslav Kovanda
Miroslav Malina
Vladimír Merta

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