Karel Müller: Il natal di Giove

SUN | 5. 11. | 7 P.M. | MOZARTEUM | ENTRY 200 CZK
Baroque Festival 2017, concert performance

Ensemble Damian will offer you a drama about a misunderstanding of prophecy. Adrasto meets Princess Melite and tells her that the gods refused the usual sacrifice, which was interpreted as the necessity of sacrificing one of the royal daughters, and trying to force her to escape. Melite, however, decides to the contrary and, to rescue the nurse and the whole empire, he is determined to obey the prophecy. When Amaltea learns of the prophecy and plan of the nurse, she hurries to the temple where priest Cassandro prepares Melite for sacrifice. When she is not allowed to represent her sister, she wants to die with her. In the temple, the goddess Themis itself will appear and explain the true meaning of the prophecy: the god Jupiter is born in Crete and the sisters have been chosen to care for him.

Il natal di Giove is the work of Count Questenbergs clerk and composer. Pietra Metastasia was compiled for the libretto.

Advance ticket sales at the Infocentrum in the arcade of the Olomouc Town Hall.

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