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Josef Winterhalder Jr. (1743 –1807)

20 May – 29 August 2010
Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum | Picture Gallery

Josef Winterhalder Jr. was one of the most significant Moravian painters of the period. Apart from murals he also created altarpieces and paintings. His practice in the workshop of the prominent Austrian Late Baroque painter Franz Anton Maulbertsch was of decisive importance for the development of his artistic style. He is thought to be his most talented disciple. This exhibition is one of the series of exhibitions aimed at presenting the works of renowned representatives of old art working in Moravia. The Olomouc exhibition is the second repeat of the exhibition the opening of which took place in 2009 in Museum Langenargen, Germany. The exhibits come from both Czech and foreign collections and apart from the paintings and sketches they also comprise the artist’s little known drawing works.

Photo Gallery
Relatives of the Virgin Mary

1787, Dačice, parish church, the main altar. Detail frescoes. Photo: Tomas Zwyrtek

Revelation of St. Augustine and St. Norbert

1778, Moravian Gallery in Brno. Photo: Moravian Gallery in Brno

St. Matthew the Evangelist

after 1770, New Empire, canon of premonstrats. Photo: Veronika Skálová - Veronika Bracková

St. Luke the Evangelist (Self-portrait)

after 1770, New Empire, canon of premonstrats, Photo: Veronika Skálová - Veronika Bracková

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