Jindřich Zdík (1126–1150) | Olomouc bishop in the middle of Europe

24 September 2009 – 3 January 2010
Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum | Picture Gallery

This exhibition project is devoted to one of the most influential personalities in Czech medieval history, the Bishop of Olomouc, diplomat and church reformer, Jindřich Zdík (1126–1150). It will present High Romanesque architecture of the Bishop’s buildings, period art handicraft, archaeological findings, documents and illuminated manuscripts from Zdík’s scriptorium, including Horologium Olomucense, which has been kept in Swedish collections for centuries. 

Photo Gallery
Romanesque Bishops Palace in Olomouc

before 1141. The view from the west.

Torso column head

Olomouc, before 1141

Jindřich Zdík transferred the seat of the Bishopric of Olomouc st. To St. Peter. Vaclav and schedules Estate Olomouc Church

Olomouc, the second half of 1141 to early 1142

Olomouc kolektář, formerly called Horologium Olomouc

Olomouc - Hradisko Monastery, the turn of the 30th and 40th years of the 12th century (1142?)
Kungliga Biblioteket Stockholm / National Library of Sweden, Theol. Mss. A 144


Morava, after 1126 (Olomouc - bishopric, Henry Zdík, 1126-1150, or Olomouc Deal Václav - Henry, 1126-1130)

Ring with Crystal

12th Century, Olomouc, the hill of St. Wenceslaus

Tiles with Gryfs

Olomouc (?), Second quarter 12th century

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