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Jindřich Buxbaum: Shalom - Israel in photo

March 4 to April 6, 2010
Museum of Modern Art | Café 87

Jindřich Buxbaum (1953) has two lifelong hobbies, photography and traveling. Both exercised when traveling to Israel, where he was seven. It brought him there dealing with the fate of his father, who survived imprisonment in concentration camps Theresienstadt and Auschwitz-BBirkenau and awakened interest in the Jewish religion, culture and way of life. "I knew for some time that there someday go. In 1999, I really went and took a month to Sar-El, the Israeli army volunteer program. And thats when I experienced a watershed moment. In Jerusalem, at the Wailing Wall, I mastered difficult communicable feeling - I belong here, "said in an interview with the Jewish community in Olomouc. His photo exhibits Henry Buxbaum at club shows. With a selection of photographs for the exhibition in the museum cafe advised him Jindřich Štreit.

Photo Gallery
Jindřich Buxbaum

Shalom - Israel in photo

Jindřich Buxbaum

Shalom - Israel in photo

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