Ivan Theimer | Via Lucis

Ivan Theimer | Via Lucis

September 25 to November 16, 2014 
The Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum | Gallery 

September 25, 2014 - May 31, 2015 
extended until June 14, 2015
The Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum | Permanent exhibition

The prominence of the works of Ivan Theimer, a native of Olomouc, has spread beyond the borders of our country over several decades. The artist has lived in France and Tuscany since 1968, where he has created works which have become the core acquisitions of many art institutions around the world. The renown of his work has been proven by a number of public presentations in prestigious parts of Europe. The exhibition, held on the occasion of the artist´s 70th birthday, will present the artist through previously unseen documentation of his exhibitions in public spaces. The project also includes a documentary film of Ivan Theimer – Via Lucis, which traces the artist´s works in many parts of Europe.

Photo Gallery
The Arion Fountain

Olomouc Upper Square, 2002. Photo: Markéta Ondrušková

The Arion Fountain

Olomouc Upper Square, 2002. Photo: Markéta Ondrušková

Ivan Theimer

Foto©Jean-Luc Maby Arles/Paris

Saint Sebastian and Aion, 2012

Foto: Markéta Ondrušková

The turtle with a snake, 1986

Photo: Markéta Ondrušková

model for Obelisk in Pisa, 2009-2010

Photo: Markéta Ondrušková

model for Memorial Gericault, 1987-1990

Photo: Markéta Ondrušková

Hercules obelisk with vegetation, 1991

Photo: Markéta Ondrušková

Crossings Massa Marittima, 2010-2014

Photo: Markéta Ondrušková

Sicily, Stromboli, 2005, watercolor

Photo: Markéta Ondrušková

India, Khajuraho, 1995, watercolor

Photo: Markéta Ondrušková

Paris (France), Memorial Declaration of Human and Civil Rights, 1989

PhotoÉdouard Stanislaw Rosenblatt

Paris (France), Obelisk the Elysee Palace, 1984-1987

Photo: Édouard Stanislaw Rosenblatt


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