Gut Shabes, Vietnam

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Days of jewish culture Olomouc 2017 | Film Section IV Community as a bond

2008 | Ido & Yael Zand | 52 min. | Czech subtitles

The young Israeli family, Rabbi Menachem and his wife Racheli Hartman with a child, are preparing for a trip to the Far East. This is not exceptional in todays Israeli society. Menachem and Rachel have a very specific task and mission in Vietnam, which is the destination of their journey. Establish and support the Jewish community. Their determination is immeasurable, but the conflict with the reality of Ho Chi Minh city brings in many ways waking up. Local Jews, mostly either the former Israelis, now mixed with the local population, or Jewish immigrants from all over the world, have a very lukewarm interest in renewing their relationship with traditional Jewry. Racheli and Menachem, however, are so convinced that their mission is right that they are able to face even more challenging cultural and social conflicts. They come to Vietnam in the time before Rosh Hashan, the Jewish New Year, and hope to bring local congregation to celebrate the feast, and they will be able to create a virtual synagogue with a tightly-knit community, expecting the Messiah.


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