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Glass cabinet | Fine arts culture in Olomouc 1969–1989 

12 November 2009 – 21 March 2010
Museum of Modern Art | Nave, Cabinet, Salon

An exhibition following-up on the project “Report on the Flight of Icarus.” The Olomouc 1960s as reflected in the art culture with a special attention being paid to the period of ‘normalisation’. The visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to learn about the wide range of artistic views and phenomena of the period. This includes the official art, semi-official art as well as works of art by the artists who were opposed to the political regime. The exhibition and the accompanying book are intended be a contribution to the current debate concerning the character of that period as for to what extent was the spirit of the time reflected in different and often antagonistic art phenomena.

Photo Gallery
Jan Melichar

Proposal for a Prior department store in Olomouc, 1972.

František Bělohlávek

Aircraft peace, 1974. Olomouc, house care service restaurant "Avion" (1970-1973, architect Petr Brauner).

Slavoj Kovařík

Untitled, 1976

Ivo Přeček

From cycle Pyramids III, 1977

Vladimir Havlík

Untitled (Washing out the daily press), 1979, recording the event

Jaromír Grmela

emblem of the District Committee of the Communist Party, 1980

Jiří Žlebek

Speaker, 1981

Oldřich Šembera

Black interior, 1981

Jindřich Štreit

untitled, half of the 80s of the 20th century

Ladislav Daněk

Untitled, 1987

Michal Macků

Untitled, 1989

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