Fools from Chelm

SUN| 22. 10. | 4 P.M. | THE MUSIC THEATER | ENTRY 80 CZK
Days of jewish culture Olomouc 2017 | theater for children

What happens when five wise men meet at one table. Gronam Vul, Trout Treblel, Osel Sender, Mamlas Šmedrik and Zabednenec Fejvel. Will solve the problems of a small town? How to punish uncensored carp, whom to marry whom, so that there is no disaster, and what if sour cream ?! Merry stories about human stupidity, naivety and love. As the Jewish proverb says, "The goat is dangerous from the front, the horse from behind, the fool from all sides."

In the production we will see the so-called folded maňásky, who put on fingers and on various objects. The dominant puppet is the carp that the actors wear on their heads.

Studio Damúza, Prague
Cast: Kateřina Císařová, Štěpán Lustyk, Vojtěch Vondráček, Eliáš Jeřábek, Boris Jedinák
Screenplay: The themes of Singer Isaac Basheviss book
Directed by: Anna Klimešová
Stage design: Bára Purmová, Karolína Jansová
For children over 5 years old Duration of performance 35 minutes | Admission 80 CZK
Tickets can be booked at: 585 514 241;


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