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Stubborns preparing to Olomouc exhibition

NEWS | 29. 1. 2016

Eight former members of the art group The Stubborns arrived this week on a tour of museums and art galleries Olomouc. The first half of 2018 is dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the Stubborns. Tripple Nave hall fills their works from the period 1987-1991.

"The exhibition will be composed strictly of the works that arose during the rule of the group. So we get it voted," he said for all of Jaroslav Róna. The curator of exhibition will be Michal Soukup, director Museum of Art.

In parallel, authors should either individually or in groups, to exhibit contemporary work in various galleries in Olomouc or in the open air. "I do new things, but just for Olomouc will not do anything in particular, I refer to its internal program," said Róna.

František Skála said that he would rather counting on a sculpture that will be part of another program. "I would have enriched a chamber of things, somewhere in space," he said. Alternatively, would consider something else in Sluňákov where stands his garden as Ark.


Photo Gallery
Eight stubborn.

From the left: Jiří David, Jaroslav Róna, Michal Gabriel, František Skála, Petr Nikl, Čestmír Suška, Stanislav Diviš, Zdeněk Lhotský.
Photo Zdeněk Sodoma

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