Everyday Crisis/SEFO 2021 Triennial

JUNE 24, 2021 – OCTOBER 24, 2022
Caesar Gallery

The first year of the SEFO Triennial focuses on the organisation of the human spectrum and is aimed at the summer of 2021. The gallery space will be adapted for the exhibition in two ways – for a quiet screening area (in cooperation with PAF) and the exhibition space. Three dramaturgical lines are proposed based on specific creative personalities from the broader region: Tomáš Moravec, Jan Krtička and Richard Loskot. Emphasis is placed on the simplicity and sustainability of the proposed solution. This system includes targeted realisations that are smaller in character, loans of specific works of art, as well as events, lectures, author readings (Adéla Jánská, Jakub Čuška, Julia Gryboś and Barbora Zentková and Imrich Veber) and productions (concerts, performances, etc.). The public space of Olomoucs Upper Square is becoming a natural part of the gallery. 

This system responds to the current situation: it can be modified for a limited, distance or online form, while at the same time it opens the traditional association gallery to the general public, which also includes younger generations of artists and visitors. Support for the visual arts in times of crisis is also essential for us. For the Triennial, this is an event that enriches the otherwise materially and institutionally anchored show with new, experimental and pop-up forms. For these purposes, the opening time of the gallery will also be adjusted to include regular evening hours and a programme.

Photo Gallery
Julie Gryboś

Diagnosis of the Curved Spine (c)David Biró

Jan Krtička

JK 01

Richard Loskot

Cosmology model

Tomáš Moravec

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