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Shade of the Blossoming Cherry Tree | Selection of Japanese Art from Czech Collections

June 7 — September 29, 2013
Kroměříž Archdiocesan Museum | Gallery

The core of the exhibition mainly consists of the collection of Japanese colour woodcuts from the estate of the painter Karel Svolinský (1896 –1986), now in the care of the Olomouc Museum of Art, which includes most of the significant topics of the 19th century Japanese woodcuts – figural motifs, landscape, flora and birds. The exhibition will also present the oriental part of the ivory collection of Archbishop Leopold Prečan (1866–1947) from the collections of the Olomouc Archdiocese, particularly the miniature ivory carvings called netsuke and okimono. Both collections to be shown in Olomouc will be complemented with attractive examples of woodcuts and netsuke art works, including some articles of traditional Japanese clothing, on loan from the rich collections of the National Museum – Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American cultures.

Photo Gallery
Utagawa Kunisada II. (1823–1880)

Portrait of the actor Nakamura Bullying IV. (?) In the role of a reincarnated dog Kens Genpači Nobumiči, 1852

Utagawa Kuničika (1835–1900)

Double portrait of actors in the roles of princesses and samurai Wakanahime Rokuróa of games sulphate Monogatari, 1864

Nakayama Sugakudó (active 1850-1860)

Warblers on canine wine, around 1858

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