Olomouc Central European Forum 2009

22 January – 22 March 2009
Museum of Modern Art | Salon, Cabinet

At the call of the Czech Ministry of Culture, the Olomouc Museum of Art took part in the programme, National Support for the Exploitation of the Cultural Heritage Potential for Regional Development and, in 2007, established the Olomouc Central European Forum (OCEF). The OCEF, that is to be completed in 2013, aims, above all, at exploring Central European art development after World War II. The individual specialized exhibitions held at the Museum of Modern Art will present artists, whose works will form the nucleus of the OCEF permanent exhibition. These exhibitions will gradually present selected works of Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian and German artists. The opening exhibition will feature Czech artists: Vladimír Boudník and Jiří Kolář, Aleš Veselý and Karel Malich, Zdeněk Sýkora and Milan Knížák, Václav Cigler and the architects from SIAL, a Czech architectural studio.

Photo Gallery
Jiří Kolář

Untitled (Butterfly / Ingres), undated (60th years of the 20th century)

Aleš Veselý

Chair, 1964-1969
Doors - Window - throne, 70 years of the 20th century
Chair, 1963-1972

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