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Atika 1987–1999 | Emotion and Form

26 April – 24 June 2007
Museum of Modern Art | Cabinet, Salon

This group of five „angry designers“ who formed the loose association Atika 20 years ago, markedly impacted the history of Czech design, primarily with their furniture creations (chairs, armchairs, couches, bookcases, lamps, vases, etc.) Over the period of the existence of the association approximately 160 unique authorial objects came into being. Their furniture characteristically polemizes with Functionalism, unification and domestic furniture creation along with the levelling period at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s.

Photo Gallery
Vít Cimbura

Chairs Spring, 1988

Bohuslav Horák

sofa Rotting Leaves, 1988

Jiří Javůrek

sofa Ostroh, 1990

Jaroslav Šusta

chairs Masculinist, 1990

Jiří Pelcl

sofa Flag, 1990

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