Damúza: River

MON | 9. 8. | 10 A.M. | SEFO | ENTRY 90 CZK
puppet theater for parents with children from 2 years

When you go down to the river, take a good look around. The river is an element, a mighty force, and a source of water; the river is home to thousands of animals.

Shhhhhh! If you keep quiet, you’ll get to see them. There they are! Little fish, ducks, newts, snakes, crayfish, salamanders, beavers, frogs. 

A puppet performance with a clear environmental message will inhabit our temporary meadow in the heart of the historic city. Beware – the water in the show is really wet!

director: Štěpán Gajdoš
script: Štěpán Gajdoš a kol.
stage design: Anna Gumboldt
cast: Kateřina Bejčková, Matouš Fendrych, Matěj Šumbera/ Kryštof Grygar
music: Matěj Štrunc
production: Martina Diblíková
reservations at pokladna@muo.cz
phone: 585 514 241


Todays opening hours

Archdiocesan Museum Olomouc Closed
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Archdiocesan Museum Kroměříž closed

Thursday | 27. 1. 2022

Today is open

Pokladna otevřená út–ne 10-18 hodin, Rezervace na pokladna@muo.cz
telefon: 585 514 241

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