Macků, Michal

Michal Macků (17. 4.1963, Bruntál)

Gellage no. 9, 1989
gellage, black and white photograph, 700×1000 mm, acquired 2002, Olomouc Museum of Art, inv. no. F 3501

Gellage no. 47, 1992
gellage, black and white photograph, 700×1000 mm, inv. no. F 3502

Gellage no. 133, 2005
Layered and modified photographic emulsion on paper, paper emulsions, 660×790 mm, inv. no. F 4362

Art Museum owns several significant figural compositions by Olomouc photographer Michal Macků. He created them by distinctive technique Gellage. He used the opportunity of transmission wet photographic emulsion. Thematically Macků based on the possibilities of figures and self-portrait. Own body had always been an essential means of expression. After years of work with black and white photos and Gellage Macků has discovered the possibilities of carbon print. The enthusiasm for this technique, which he used not only on a paper basis, culminated in the creation of glass objects. These were formed by layering of several glass surfaces whicch coated with photographic image. Stacked image in the glass matrix stripped opaque treasure, almost levitating. His work stands apart from current trends. Mack is a solitaire, which is only cautiously classified into bigger exhibitions. He is still waiting for a retrospective exhibition.

Štěpánka Bieleszová


Photo Gallery
Michal Macků
Gellage no. 9, 1989
Michal Macků
Gellage no. 47, 1992
Michal Macků
Gellage no. 133, 2005

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