Bazzi, Giovanni Antonio, detto Il Sodoma
A Sketch of a Child with Clasped Hands
Janoušek, František
A Variation on the Evening May
Kupka, František
A Composition with Circles (Sketch for the painting titled Sladkost žití / The Sweetness of Living)
Šolc, Jaromír
A Couple I
Svobodová, Jitka
Beams (Supported)
Hošek, Arne
Realization of the From My Life Quartet by B. Smetana, 1st Movement
Nusberg, Lev
Brömse, August
Zemánková, Anna
Šimotová, Adriena
From the cycle A Touch of Colour – The Assumption
Wessel, Wilhelm
Ohne Titel (Untitled)
Medek, Mikuláš
Eating Chicken
Pirner, Maximilian
Funeral fairies
Lada, Josef
Childrens summer games
Winter pleasures
Carnival in the forest
Šerých, Jaroslav
Study for a Whipped Horse
Hudeček, František
A Night Walker
Vanni, Francesco
Madonna and Child with St. Cecilia and St. Agnes of Rome (Sacra conversazione)
Zuccari, Taddeo (Zuccaro)
Luke the Evangelist
Crespi, Giovanni Battista, zv. Il Cerano
Man and a Fish (An Allegory of River)
Pippi, Giulio, detto Giulio Romano
Jupiter and Juno
Passarotti, Bartolomeo
A Sketch of the Head of a Man in a Hat and a Sketch of a Hand

Aspertini, Amico
A Fragment of Womans Figure
Schongauer, Martin – successor
A Sketch of a Man with a Beard and a Period Cap
Granello, Nicola
Goddess Juno and a Peacock
Luciani, Sebastiano detto Sebastiano del Piombo
Sitting Prophet and an Angel
Bellini, Giovanni detto Giambellino
A Sketch of Two Mens Figures
Mucha, Alfons
Design for a Poster for XX Salon des Cents
Preisler, Jan
Gutfreund, Otto
Head (Face)
Stratil, Václav
Theodorik – Ornamenta (I), Imaginary Architecture – Styf

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