Šlapeta, Lubomír

Lubomír Šlapeta (1908 Místek - 1983 Olomouc)

The Villa of Stanislav Nakládal, 1936

model, combined technique, plastic, 310×590×515 mm, made by Vladimír Jeník, 1996, Olomouc Museum of Art, inv. no. P 299/2003

Lubomír Šlapeta (1908-1983) was possibly the most prominent architect who spent a large part of his life in Olomouc. His vast estate, and the legacy of his brother Čestmír Šlapeta (1908-1999), are administered by the Olomouc Museum of Art, which prepared a vast exhibition and publication in 2003. Thus the work of these exceptional architects was introduced to many places, even abroad. 

The design for the Olomouc villa of Stanislav Nakládal (at Polívkova 35) is one of the last in a series of designs for luxurious individual housing projects by Lubomír Šlapeta produced between the two world wars. It embodies the ideal functional and layout solution for a family home of that time – a continuous interconnection of individual rooms, a direct connection with the garden via an external staircase and a terrace on the first floor, and clean facades where the only décor is geometric composition.

The collection of architecture includes the complex documentation (not only) for this building from the operational design, with the smallest technical details in the drawings, from photographs to models. The modern model of Nakládals villa was commissioned by the Olomouc Museum of Art in 1996 for exhibition purposes as well as one of twenty models depicting milestones in the history of Bohemian and Moravian modern architecture.

Martina Mertová

Photo Gallery
The Villa of Stanislav Nakládal
1936, model
The Villa of Stanislav Nakládal
1936, model
Stanislav Nakládals villa
1936, top view
The Villa of Stanislav Nakládal

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