Pelcl, Jiří

Jiří Pelcl (*1950 Postřelmov)

Private Universe armchair, 1990

metal, varnish, fur; H 140 cm, W 70 cm, D 90 cm, acquired in 2007, Olomouc Museum of Art, No. UŽ 138

The all-metal armchair Private Universe made of hammered, patinated and perforated plate with high sides was designed and executed by Jiří Pelcl within the Atika group in 1990. In postmodern poetics this is an object evoking the archtypal needs of the private universe, a refuge protecting us from the rest of the world. The contradictory metaphorical, emotional and social meaning of this object is in harmony with the spirit of Czech Postmodernism of the late 1980s.

Anežka Šimková

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Private Universe armchair, 1990

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