Michal Záhora, Pulsar: The End’s Turnabout | Europe towards the Omega point

FRI | 22. 10. | 7 P.M. | MOZARTEUM | ENTRY 200 / 150 CZK
Central European Forum, Dance Theater - Olomouc premiere

„My vision of Europe was shadowed by the flight of a bird.“

Dance performance based on voices of people around us and on teachings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a Jesuit priest, palaeontologist and geologist. 


Are we able to guess Europe’s next development? Even though we have all the competencies: freedom and variety of alternatives, it seems we cannot move more than 1 millimetre futher. Nothing happens. Nothing at all. But we have everything under control. 

Todays opening hours

Archdiocesan Museum Olomouc Closed
Museum of Modern Art Open
Archdiocesan Museum Kroměříž closed

Sunday | 5. 12. 2021

Today is open

Pokladna otevřená út–ne 10-18 hodin, Rezervace na pokladna@olmuart.cz
telefon: 585 514 241

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