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31 July to 4 August 2017 | MUSEUM OF ART OLOMOUC

The Art Museum will be full of childrens holidays, and a new director of the Children museum of Art will be selected at the turn of July and August. This is at least the main theme of the suburban camp, which has been prepared for the children by the educators of the education department.

"This time, we decided to find a capable girl or boy in the summer suburban camp for a director or director of the Childrens Museum of Art in Olomouc. What does such a candidate need to know? He must have a thorough knowledge of the functioning of the museum, "says Marek Šobáň, head of the education department.

What about kids waiting for?

Maybe the preparation of the exhibition. Weekly fine-arts workshops prepare for audition all over the place. "Children visit a restoration workshop, a photographic studio and a depository," reveals the program of the suburban camp Marek Šobáň.

Experienced lecturers of the Olomouc Art Museum will also introduce children to current exhibitions where they will present interesting artworks. "Children will try traditional and untraditional art techniques at a lecturers studio or learn to communicate with journalists," says Marek Šobáň.

The suburban camp for children from the age of seven is held from 31 July to 4 August. The maximum number of participants is twenty. "Mostly in the museum we start at ten oclock. After lunch, children return to our afternoon program, which lasts about half past three, "says Šobáň.

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