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Art Brut in the Czech Lands

19 June – 12 October 2008
Museum of Modern Art | Nave

This exhibition is the largest, up until now, presentation of the works of more than forty artists from Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia who have been categorised into the genre of Art Brut, employed to indicate art in its “original, raw form”. The art work of Art Brut is freed from external influences, calculations and successes. It is instead linked to direct sources of the world of imagination and exciting due to its genuine originality. These more than two hundred items come from the collections of the Nová Paka Town Museum, the collections of Eva and Jan Švankmajer, the Olomouc Museum of Art and additionally from private collections. They serve to provide a complete picture of Czech Art Brut from a period stretching from 1905 up to 2005 and its unique position within a European context.

Photo Gallery
Hugo Hasman

Bezdoleč from Sirius, mediumic drawings, 1939

Marie Kodovská

untitled, a, b, 1979

Jan Tóna (Tonn)

untitled, mediumic drawings, 1908

Václav Groul

untitled, mediumic painting, 1949

F. Rofelin (Rofelín)

Hepatica from Sirius, mediumic drawing a spirit lettering, 1939

J. Šašková

untitled, mediumic drawings, 1933

Josef Kubíček

untitled, spiritualistic drawing frame, 1910

Anna Zemánková

untitled, 70 years of the 20th century

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