Architecture is an Attack on Good Taste! | Olomouc Central European Forum V

12 January — 22 April 2012
Museum of Modern Art | Salon

The project of the building of the Olomouc Central European Forum by the architect Jan Šépka is still the subject of heated discussions and partially negative reactions. It can be attributed particularly to its unconventional conception closely connected with the organism of the historical city. This is despite the fact that there are dozens of buildings of this kind to be found in Europe, mainly galleries, museums and other cultural facilities. This exhibition aims at presenting these cultural centres built from the 1960s up to the present day to the general public and to point out that the now admired gems of modern architecture were also widely rejected at the time of their construction.

Photo Gallery
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

National Gallery, Berlin, 1965 -1968 Photo: Petr Šmídek, archiweb

Renzo Piano - Richard Rogers

Centre Pompidou Paris, 1971 -1977 Photo: Petr Šmídek, archiweb

Álvaro Siza

The Galician Center for Contemporary Art in Santiago de Compostela, 1988 -1993 Photo: Petr Šmídek, archiweb

Daniel Libeskind

Jewish Museum Berlin, 1992-1999 Photo: Petr Šmídek, archiweb

Peter Cook

Kunsthaus Graz, 1999-2003 Photo: Petr Šmídek, archiweb

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