Amadeus Café is now closed

The café is now closed. 


  • attractive interior and a yard outside
  • a wide range of Illy coffee specialties and mixed drinks
  • ice-cream sundaes and desserts
  • beer on tap

From the history of the place:

The ground floor of the Early Baroque west wing was built by Jan František Poppen (1673 - 1689), The Capitular Deanery was originally used as a carriage house. After building a new carriage house in the east wing of the residence in the first half of 18th century, the interiors were altered for farming purposes.

Wine bar

  • stylish atmosphere for family gatherings and corporate parties
  • we offer a complete catering service

From the history of the place: 

The cellar under the northern part of the south wing of the Deanery was built after the Thirty Years War, under the Capitular Dean Klaudius Sorina (1650 - 1658) and later rebuilt under Jan František Poppen (1673 - 1689). The quarry stone brickwork on the north side of the basement is connected with the foundation of a Gothic house of Dean Bartholomew, which no longer exists; it is the place where King Wenceslaus III was murdered.

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Amadeus Café
Amadeus Café
Amadeus Café
Amadeus Café

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