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Act under a palm tree

June 25 to September 6, 2011
Museum of Modern Art | Café87

The whole day is devoted to early June in Olomouc world famous photographer Robert Vano 16 participants of the workshop organized by the Olomouc Museum of Art. He tried to give them their experiences with attractive discipline - photographing the act. The results of the workshops that were part of the program accompanying the exhibition of paintings Hunter | Photographer Jaroslav Vavra (1920-1981) at the Museum of Modern Art, can from August 1 visitors explore the museums Café 87. The exhibition, entitled Act under a palm tree runs until September 9

Full day workshop with world-renowned photographer with Hungarian roots and an American passport was divided into two parts. Robert Vano first theoretical part of the participants, which included both men and women, approached the historical development of the photographic act in us and in the world and also talk about their own photographs. Then the group moved to the practical part in the Palm House at the exhibition Flora, where Vano corrected their behavior while shooting a pair of models.

Photo Gallery
Bronislava Hošková
Tereza Hrubá
Štefan Berec

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