Central European Art Database (CEAD)

The Central European Art Database (CEAD) - project aims to build a dynamic online database of visual arts and culture of Central Europe after the WWII. The database content is primarily focused on the cultural scene and artistic manifestations in the V4 countries. The main part of the CEAD project is a detailed research of key artistic figures who were actively involved in the development of culture in the given area. The project aims to create an open interactive archive of cultural memory with an emphasis on social and international context.

The database is created using the Collective Access programme which is designed for cataloguing and web presentations for museums, archives and online catalogues. The information will be stored in the form museum ISO standard CIDOC CRM. The data are sorted according to individual requirements into clear visualizations and are also significantly complemented with a series of short video portraits of selected Central European artists.
The Olomouc Museum of Art has been systematically mapping the cultural life of the second half of the 20th century in Central Europe for several years. The objective of the CEAD project is to extend the museum activities into a virtual Internet space. There, the database should serve for a wide range of professionals and art lovers through extensive information feed.

The project was created with the support of Visegrad Fund.



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The Central European Art Database (CEAD)
The Central European Art Database (CEAD)

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