The art of tapestry | The work and its image - two parts of a whole

Muzeum of Modern Art in Olomouc | Triple Naves
March - September 2020

Tapestry has been a form of art for centuries that combines beauty with practicality and immortal stories, personalities and historical events. Tapestries combine fine arts with classic textile crafts, but they have always been regarded as monumental art and are also evaluated accordingly. The content of the exhibition will be mainly tapestries made on the basis of the works of leading Czech authors, in selected cases they will be complemented by their artwork and designs. The project will remind both the places where tapestries are still being made in the Czech lands, namely the manufactory in Valasske Mezirici (1898) and in Jindrichuv Hradec (1910).

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Saturday | 20. 7. 2019

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