Jiří Šalamoun | Records

March 6 to April 17, 2015
Museum of Modern Art | Music Theatre

In the 70s and 80s of the 20th century, Jiří Šalamoun collaborated with the publishing house Supraphon, which prepared for almost ten designs record covers and booklets. Within disco edition of the magazine Mladý svět and published recordings example Panocha Quartet, Mark Grechuty, Johnny Cash and Stan Borys and of course stories Maxipes Fík. Fine workmanship gramodesek yet deeply resonates with Šalamoun Illustration and graphic creation. Many themes are repeated in variations, transforms and changes the content and tone, but still does not lose quality and interest. Thats what ultimately can be appreciated, because the genre in the Music Theatre presentation complements the extensive monographic exhibition by the Museum of Art Olomouc paved the authors jubilee as a tribute to his versatile talent.

Photo Gallery
Jiří Šalamoun

Rudolf Čechura, Maxipes Fík / from Albatros´s books, Supraphon Praha 1982

Jiří Šalamoun

Marek Grechuta / Anawi, disco magazine Mladý svět / Supraphon Praha 1974

Jiří Šalamoun

Czechoslovak Chamber Orchestra / Conductor Otokar Stejskal, Supraphon Praha 1976

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