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FRI – SUN | 26. – 28. 4. | THEATER OF MUSIC
Ecological days in Olomouc 2019 | The 29th edition of the unique ecological festival

Part of this years Ecological Days is the exhibition of Miloš Šejna dedicated to water, which is a significant phenomenon in his creation. Appears almost everywhere. The Sun Mountain at Sluňák was built above the stream flowing through it. In the Theater of Music you can see it on the long white wall in the hall (drawing, writing, painting), water framed and hanging, and a video stream flowing in the foyer.

Todays opening hours

Archdiocesan Museum Olomouc 10 AM - 6 PM
Museum of Modern Art 10 AM - 6 PM
Archdiocesan Museum Kroměříž 10 AM - 5 PM

Sunday | 7. 6. 2020

Today is open

Pokladna otevřená út–ne 10-18 hodin, Rezervace na
telefon: 585 514 241

9 exhibitions open

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