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WED | 15. 5. | 7 P.M. | THEATER OF MUSIC | ENTRY 200 CZK
Moravian Theater Olomouc | drama 

The tragicomedy was originally written as an adaptation and only then edited by the author himself for theater boards. The capturing story of the two aging sisters of Ernie and Giza, taking place in Communist Hungary, was brought to the attention of Czech audiences mainly thanks to the legendary work of the National Theater in Prague, which was filled with incredible 403 repetitions and excelled in by Dana Medřická and Vlasta Fabiánová. In the chamber environment of the Olomouc Theater of Music, the life story of Szkalls sisters, the most beautiful girls from Leta, Szolnok, is going to play, trying to maintain its undying optimism, sister closeness and passionate desire for life, which is not always simple, torture! The director of the chamber title will be the artistic director of Olomouc Roman Vencl.

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