NEWS | 17. 4. 2019

Olomouc Museum of Art joins the donation for renewal of Notre-Dame 

As representatives from the professional public, we do feel the need to utter our solidarity and support towards the citizens of Paris and whole France, whose cathedral Notre-Dame was damaged by fire on Monday this week.  In our institutions, the Archdiocesan Museum Olomouc and the Archdiocesan museum Kroměříž situated in the Archbishopric Chateau we administrate many pieces of old art, the more we feel sorry for France as its national treasure was damaged so seriously. 

The Notre-Dame Cathedral was built in the very beginning of the Gothic style which has expanded into whole Europe soon after. The historic monuments from this period belong to the most beautiful art works of the era of Christian civilisation. Notre-Dame, the treasure of the European Gothic, had to face many devastating events during the time – in 16th century the damages caused by iconoclasm of the Huguenots, in 18th century the plundering during the French revolution, in the 20th century during the German occupation.  

We strongly believe, the cathedral will survive even the damage from April 15, 2019 and we hope for its renewal so the visitors from all over the world may admire its beatuy one day again. Therefore we join the national donations for the renewal of the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Employees of Olomouc Museum of Art 

Donation for renowal of liturgical objects:
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Donation for renewal of tangible monuments
Národní technické muzeum for support Ministerstva kultury ČR, České filharmonie, Magistrátu hl. m. Prahy a Univerzity Karlovy
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